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  • Water Cooling Vibration Grate for the Biomass Boiler
    Water Cooling Vibration Grate for the Biomass Boiler

    Working Principle:
          The vibration grate is in fact an elastic vibration system. When appropriate exciting force direction, vibration amplitude, elastic slab specification and inclination angle of the grate are set,under the effect of the periodic exciting force, the grate will produce a periodic forced vibration with damping. The fuel on the grate will receive a driving force backward making the fuel do periodic jumps on the grate and move gradually from the front end to the back end of the grate. Thus the full process of preheating ,drying, burning and burnout of the fuel is complete.
          The working principle of the water cooling vibration grate is consistent with normal vibration grates. The main difference lies in the change of single grate bar into film-type water-cooling wall. The grate is made of tubes and flat steel welded between the tubes. The pipes allow water pass for cooling and the cooling water is directly included in the water recycling system of the boiler so as to ensure the sufficient cooling of the grate.
    Main Structure:
          The water cooling vibration grate is composed of the drive device, eccentric shaft, connecting rod, water cooling grate, frame,elastic elements, air chamber, seal device and so on.
          The most outstanding characteristics of the water cooling vibration grate is that it can avoid overheated grate bars. Due to low ash content and high temperature of biomass fuels, the grate bars are very likely to get overheated. Therefore the water cooling vibration grate is especially suitable for biomass fuels.
          Compared with the fluidized bed, it has a wider fuel applicability and can be used for all kinds of soft and hard biomass fuels or mixed fuels. Compared with stokerfeed boiler, as the vibration stirs the fuel and enhances the looseness and ventilation of the fuel layer, the combustion efficiency is higher.
          Less movable components, simple structure, small metal consumption and light weight.
    Main Specifications
          The water cooling vibration grate has a range of specifications including 40t/h,75t/h,110t/h,130t/h. It can also be customized.