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  • Water-cooling Screw Residue Discharge System
    Water-cooling Screw Residue Discharge System

          The residue discharge adopts the dry method and the indirect-water cooling method. The ashes and cinders will fall from the residue discharge hopper into the roller residue crusher which crushes them into small particles (unnecessary for fluidized bed) for subsequent cooling and conveyance. The crushed ashes and cinders block will be cooled to around 80 after going through the water-cooling screw residue discharge machine. A star-shaped dust remover is connected to the outlet of the water-cooling screw residue discharge machine to reduce the air leak to the furnace from the discharge system. The ashes and cinders discharged from the ash remover is then taken to the ash bin or out of the plant via other ash conveyance equipment. The remaining ashes in the bottom air chamber of the grate will also be discharged through the water-cooling residue discharge machine with ash pipe connection. Thus additional ash collectors are saved.
    Structural Feature:
          Indirect cooling, residue discharge in dry method facilitates the comprehensive utilization of ashes and cinders.
         The dual water-cooling structure made of the core shaft and the water jacket enables large heat exchange area, good cooling effects and low discharge temperature.
          Equipped with a residue crusher so it is highly adaptable and unlikely to get blocked by materials.
          Reasonable structural design, reliable operation, safe operation and good seal performance
          Variable frequency speed control allows remote control due to good load adaptability.
    Main Technical Parameters: