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  • Dual Roller Unpacking Machine
    Dual Roller Unpacking Machine

    Purpose of Use
           SBS200 II Dual Roller Unpacking Machine is a type of special unpacking equipment for straw packages in light of characteristics of straw materials and package types. It is developed by our company based on digestion of advanced foreign technologies. It can rip off the firm straw packages and turn them into loose straw materials for subsequent crushing, conveyance and combustion. It is ideal equipment for straw power plants and paper makers and other industries.
    Application Scope:
          Suitable for various straw packages including cotton straw, corn straw, rice straw, wheat straw, sugar cane residue etc.
          Packing density≤250kg/m3 , moisture content≤25%,
          Incoming package width ≤2m(2×1m). The package feed height is customizable and up to 1.2m.
    Structural Composition:
          The main unpacking machine is composed of the guide roller, press roller, transition roller,primary unpacking roller, secondary unpacking roller, frame, cover, drive device, housing and control cabinet etc.
          Auxiliary machinery also includes the chain-plate feeder and the discharge belt conveyor.
    Main Technical Parameters S(BS200 II):