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  • The straw crusher (Utility model patent: ZL 2018 2 1981906.6)
    The straw crusher (Utility model patent: ZL 2018 2 1981906.6)

          Biomass power plant straw raw material all need to facilitate subsequent delivery after crushing, feeding and burning. Using the basic are breaker used in the papermaking industry. The crusher crushing principle are adoption of high-speed shearing knife form or activity. This form of cutting tools are easily damaged, generally every 8 hours need to change the knife knife, maintenance is very inconvenience, the use of the tool cost is high. The impurities composition is complicated, especially the biomass power plant, are more likely to be damaged knives, some high-speed broken very easy fever, pose a safety hazard. Therefore, biomass power plant large crusher has always been a difficult problem.
          This crusher according to the characteristics of the biomass power plant design and development, adopt unique way. Forklift or crane to feeding into the drum. Multiple cutter disc mounted on the knife roller, each knife plate is equipped with a number of cutting knife, knife adopts the structure of the original design. Tool long service life, easy to change, not easy card, the operation is simple and convenient.
          The crusher can be used for the soft straw powder and broken of the package, package materil with broken can be simultaneously; Hard straw can also be used for less than 50 mm diameter, branches, slab such as the material of broken.Design output 3-10 t/h.