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  • Belt Conveyor
    Belt Conveyor

    Purpose of Use:
          The belt conveyor is a highly standardized conveyance equipment. It is mature and reliable, widely used in various industries. It can also be used to convey the biomass materials with bulk density of 50-500kg/m3 . The belt width can reach over 2M and length can reach over several hundred meters. So it can meet various requirements for conveyance amount and conveyance distance.
         The belt can adopt common smooth surface belt or the patterned belt. The inclination angle of the patterned belt can be 3°-5°larger than that of normal smooth surface belt.
    Structural Feature:
          As general product series, it is easy to produce, install and use with low cost.
          It has the simplest structure among all belt conveyors. It can run reliably with low fault rate.
          It can unload materials from the head or from the middle with rake device so it has flexible arrangement.
          It is light in weight, small in resistance and low in consumption.
    Structural Composition :
          The equipment is mainly composed of: the belt, driving pulley, bend pulley, idler group, takeup, conveyor stringer, conveyor support leg, tail frame, discharge chute, head cover, return belt scraper, head cleaner, protection device etc. (see attached).

    Main Technical Parameters (Model DT II) :