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  • Electric Gas Locker
    Electric Gas Locker

          The elastic slab electric gas lock is a safety equipment for the feed system of the biomass boiler. It is made of two elastic side slabs and one star-shaped rotor. The elastic side slab is pressed on the external edge of the rotor by spring with small clearances. When there is blockage, the slab will be automatically loosened.During operation, the rotor rotates continuously and the material will enter from the upper part of the rotor then be brought by the rotating rotor to fall from the lower part. In this way, the materials can pass continuously while the flue gases are separated to avoid a large volume of flue gas flow back into the silo.
    Main Structural Composition:
          It is mainly composed of the housing, elastic seal slabs, impeller, bearing housing, drive device and electric control cabinet.
    Main Characteristics:
           Elastic seal slabs are used. There is elastomer seal between the seal slabs and the impeller.Not prone to material blockage, it works in a reliable way.
          The clearance between the impeller and the seal slab and the end slab is small with small ventilation opening so it can prevent the furnace flue gas backfiring into the silo.
          Large feed capacity, compact equipment volume, less space occupation make it easy for arrangement before the boiler.

    Main Technical Parameters: