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  • Material Distributor (Invention Patent: ZL 2008 1 0244566.3)
    Material Distributor (Invention Patent: ZL 2008 1 0244566.3)

    Purpose of Use:
          The material distributor is mainly used for the inlet of the silo top. Two material distribution plates in the material distributor swing from left to right in parallel to guide the materials to fall to both sides. In other words, it expand the material falling range the materials can be spread onto the screws at the bottom of the silo more evenly. It avoids the tower shaped material stacking in the silo and feed each inlet of the boiler evenly.
    Structural Composition:
          It is mainly composed of the motor drive device, control elements, rod swing mechanism, housing and the material distribution plate actuator etc.
    Main Characteristics :
          The swing shaft of the drive section uses the bearing support as it produces small friction force and is not prone to blockage.
          The internal space of the housing has a smooth structure so there will be no blockage or bump during operation.
          Fully sealed structure without external leakage creates good working environment.
          The swing stop time can be set in the electric control cabinet. Easy operation and flexible control.

    Main Parameters of Material Distributor: