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  • Live Bottom Chute
    Live Bottom Chute

    Purpose of Use:
          The live bottom chute is specially designed for loading bulk materials in the silo of the biomass power plant. The bulk straws will be put into the chute by the traveling grab or the unloader. The belt installed at the bottom will convey the materials forward until the stirring roller scrape the straws to the main belt conveyor below at the head of the belt conveyor.
    Structural Composition :
          It is mainly composed of the chute, belt conveyor, stirring roller, drive device and control cabinet etc.
          Large volume chute. Single set volume can reach 40-60 m3. When in full storage, it can provide materials to the main belt for a long time so that the loading staff and arrange the loading time flexibly.
         The chute adopts the belt conveyor at its bottom so there exists no material entanglement or blockage. Thus it is applicable for all hard and soft biomass materials.
          The belts have scraping angle iron mounted to increase friction resistance. Stirring rollers are on the upper part of the chute to avoid slippery belt.
          Stirring rollers are installed on the head of the belt conveyor to evenly unload the materials and prevent blocking the belt of the new level.
          Variable speed control can facilitate the adjustment of unloading capacity. Main Technical Parameters.

    Main Technical Parameters :