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  • Silo Screw Unloader
    Silo Screw Unloader

    Purpose of Use:
           The Silo Screw Unloader is specially designed for loading bulk materials into the biomass power plant silos. The bulk straws will be sent into the hopper by traveling grab or loader. Unloading screws installed at the bottom will evenly unload the straws onto the main belt conveyor below. Every unloading screw has independent power supply and can control speed with variable frequencies. The feed capacity can be adjusted by adjusting screw speed or number of turned-on screws.
    Structural Compositio:
          It is mainly composed of the steel hopper (body), drive device, screw blade shaft, control cabinet etc.
          Large volume hoppers make it easy for traveling grabs or unloaders to feed it with materials.
          Many unloading screws are installed at the bottom of the hopper. Due to lateral unloading, there is no material leakage and no blocking on the belt.
          It has a simple structure that is widely applicable for materials including various soft and hard biomasses.
         Variable speed control can facilitate the adjustment of unloading capacity.

    Main Technical Parameters :