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  • Rotary Silo
    Rotary Silo

          The silo is cylindrical. Its bottom is equipped with a cantilever discharge screw. The screw is installed on a chassis which turns around slowly and has a chute at its center. The screw spins on its own axis on one hand and revolves around the chassis on the other hand. The screw will push the materials toward the chute where the chute will fall onto the conveyor below.
    Structural Feature:
          The silo is composed of the silo cylinder, unloading screw, rotating chassis, chute, revolution and autorotation drive device, support, conductive slip ring device and electric control device.
          Both the revolution and autorotation adopts variable frequency control and adjust the feed capacity according to the change of boiler load.
         The cylindrical silo has a inlet on its top and can receive materials at its center. The silo is has high depth ratio and even material distribution.
          Due to the screw revolution, the materials will be turned over again and again during operation. It can prevent bridging inside the silo.
          Single screw discharge, variable frequency speed control, accurate discharge, easy adjustment, convenient for combustion control and adjustment.

    Main Technical Parameters: