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  • Square Silo
    Square Silo

    Purpose of Use:
          An intermediate equipment between the straw conveyance equipment and feeder before the boiler. It can exert functions of storage, buffer and material distribution. It is applicable for hard and soft straws. Its maximum volume can reach 200 m3, the straw length ≤150mm . The materials brought by the belt conveyor will enter the silo through the material distributor from the silo top. The silo bottom is equipped with a screw unloader. The unloading screw of the unloader will take the interior materials out of the silo.
          It is mainly composed of the silo body, screw unloader, platform ladder, material level meter, temperature test point, fire extinguishing nozzle, control cabinet etc.
    Structural Feature:
          The silo body adopts square inverted cone structure and is not easy for bridging.
          Special bottom plate structure makes it hard for material blocking.
          Single screw direction lateral discharge without possibility of material leak and self-flow, easy for adjustment.
          Variable frequency speed control can reach the purpose of adjusting the unloading capacity by adjusting screw speed or turned-on screw number.

    Main Parameters of Square Silo: