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  • Screw Conveyor
    Screw Conveyor

         The screw conveyor is a short distance conveyance equipment for biomass materials which adopts supports on both ends. Since the middle of the screw cannot use hanging seat during biomass conveyance which can only be single step, the step distance is limited to 10m at maximum. The conveyor with only one screw is called as single screw conveyor and the conveyor with two parallel screws in opposite rotational directions is called as dual screw conveyor.
         The single screw adopts large diameter screw with high strength and good material winding proof effects. Its total power is less than dual screw one.
        The dual screw one has large inlet and outlet dimensions and huge feed capacity. As there is relatively wide clearance between the two screws, it does well in preventing blocking of large materials.
         The screw conveyor is composed of a drive device, a housing, a screw blade shaft, front and back bearing housings etc.
         The screw conveyor can be used for all kinds of biomass materials including the hard and soft straws. It is a feeder type with the widest application scope. Besides, the screw conveyor has better sealing effects than the belt conveyor and less rotary parts.

    Main Parameters of Screw Conveyor: