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  • Screw Feeder (Utility Model Patent: ZL 2020 2 2545186.2)
    Screw Feeder (Utility Model Patent: ZL 2020 2 2545186.2)

          The dual screw feeder is a piece of equipment which provides forced feeding to the biomass boiler. Its screw structure is cantilever type without bearing at the outlet end. The feeder with only one screw is called single screw feeder while the feed comprising two screws in parallel and opposite screw directions is called the dual screw feeder.
          The single screw one adopts large diameter screw with high strength and good material winding proof effects. The round housing has good seal and backfire prevention performance. Its total power is less than dual screw feeder.
          The dual screw feeder has large inlet and outlet dimensions and huge feed capacity. As there is relatively wide clearance between the two screws, it does well in preventing blocking of large materials.
          The screw feeder is composed of a drive device, a housing, a screw blade shaft, bearing housing, cooling jacket etc.
          The materials falls into the screw feeder from the inlet and the screw will guide the materials into the boiler by going along axis. The cooling jacket is for connection between the furnace and the screw feeder. Material plug is formed in the jacket to prevent backfire of the furnace.
          The screw feeder can be used for all kinds of biomass materials including the hard and soft straws. It is a feeder type with the wide application scope.

    Main Parameters of Screw Feeder: