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  • Grate

    Characteristics of Hitachi Grate
         The grate is divided into three sections, namely, the drying grate, the incineration grate and the burnout grate. There is a drop between each section so that the refuse can be fully mixed and stirred after falling to enhance incineration.
         Each grate section makes longitudinal reciprocating motions.When at work, it can bring back a bit the fired refuse so as to facilitate the drying and firing of incoming refuse.
          Knives are arranged between the incineration grate and burnout grate so as to break up the clustered refuse and enhance the full exposure of the refuse to the air, making the refuse burned more fully.
         The movable grates making longitudinal motions can clean the accumulated ashes between the grate bars so as to avoid blockage.
    Grate Specifications:
          Currently, 200t/d-800t/d product series of various specifications has been formed.