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  • Martin-type Residue Discharge Machine for MSW Incineration
    Martin-type Residue Discharge Machine for MSW Incineration

    Function and Working Principle:
          The martin-type residue discharge machine is used to discharge the residue of refuse-fired boiler.
          The residue discharge machine uses wet discharge. Certain liquid level is kept in an arc shaped housing where the high temperature residue blocks discharged from the burnout grate fall into the water in the housing are quickly cooled. During this process, some residue blocks are broken due to water cooling. The scraper installed at the bottom of the housing will make reciprocating motions driven by the hydraulic cylinder and push the residue blocks along the inclined outlet. While the residue blocks tay at the inclined outlet, most water is drained.
    Structural Composition:
          The Martin-type residue discharge machine is composed of the housing, scraper, incoming (outgoing)water system and hydraulic oil cylinder. Each set adopts one hydraulic cylinder for driving. The drive speed is controlled by automatic incineration control system.
          Wet type residue discharge, water seal, no air leak. It can also crush the residue to a certain degree.
          Hydraulic drive, strong push force, not many movable components.
          It can use local control or remote control. The discharge capacity can be adjusted according to incineration needs.

    Main Technical Parameters: